Appreciative collaboration

“How can we strengthen our collaboration and support each other more effectively?”
The department Data Management & Architecture (DM&A) of ABN AMRO Bank is ultimately responsible for the data management capabilities and architecture of the bank, enabling the bank to become more agile and data-driven. Within DM&A, the Office Team ensures a strong foundation for the grids and teams of DM&A to deliver. Supporting foundation domains concern: risk management, audit control, business continuity management, Agile way of working, secretary support and strategic workforce management.
As this department’s focus is on facilitating other departments, collaboration and mutual support in day-to-day work are key. On the Morro designed and facilitated a team offsite to reconnect and refocus, after a two-year period of mostly remote working. We started creating awareness of individual needs, behaviours, skills and tasks. With the knowledge of personal preferences in a work setting, the team created a new understanding of opportunities for their future work approach. Combined with a renewed insight into the teams’ combined qualities, the team created a strong new foundation for success. 
“We have asked On the Morro to help our team to gain some insight in our team ‘composition’ and how we could improve our collaboration and increase effectiveness for the organization. The facilitating team of On the Morro had a very thorough approach, listened well to our requirements and the day with the team was obviously very well prepared. The day itself was well-balanced and the facilitators ensured a good atmosphere. My team was enthusiastic and learned a lot. Some valuable outcomes of the day were included in our way of working; and are nowadays still referred to. What also worked very well, was the extensive summary that was provided by On the Morro and the reflection session that was organised 2 months later, leaving us with tangible action points to further elaborate and actually implement. A day well spent!” (Evelyn van Dijk – Head of DM&A Team Office at ABN AMRO Bank)

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On the Morro faciliteert graag het proces om gezamenlijk de vraag verder te verkennen, met bestuur, organisatie, team of een andere groep van stakeholders. Kom je langs bij On the Morro in A'dam Oost om samen jullie 'design challenge' te bespreken en scherp te krijgen?

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