Art of digital collaboration

Dinsdag 6 juli 2021

How many hours do you currently spend meeting virtually? How does that make you feel? Do you find yourself wondering what could be done differently?

Join our webinar on artful digital collaboration to learn how you can take ownership of your time and create more energy in your overall work, by managing your meetings more effectively and purposeful.

We have bundled our many years of experience in virtual collaboration – ranging from virtual co-creation workshops to international virtual training programs and corporate meetings – to deliver a practical, interactive webinar that will leave you with energy and ideas for a more artful collaboration.

Learning Objectives

In this 1.5 hour webinar you will:

  • Understand what meeting types are suitable for different goals
  • Recognize roles & responsibilities designed for effective (virtual) and purposeful meetings
  • Review practical tips to ensure smooth preparation and constructive meetings
  • Learn about operational aspects that help make a virtual meeting a successful collaboration

Methods & tools

The webinar will provide you with practical tools and interventions that you can immediately apply:

  • Theory on high-performing teams from J. Katzenbach
  • Roles & responsibilities for effective meetings
  • Practical interventions to facilitate the process
  • Overview of technical options and trouble-shooting


For anyone who is finding themselves in yet another virtual meeting and is looking for a change. Take ownership of your time, whether you regularly organise meetings yourself or are usually a participant. This webinar is in English.

Register for our webinar

4pm – 5.30pm CEST
1.5-hour webinar via ZOOM for 25 euro (ex VAT) per person. You’ll receive the ZOOM link after your registration.


Klazien van Vliet and Yvette Pasman are fascinated by the non-stop meetings they see their clients participate in daily, without even taking a lunch break. Taking the time to catch your breath and take care of your physical energy level, is a simple first step. And wouldn’t it be great if more people would experience the effect of a simple check-in question at the start of the meeting to give everyone a moment to consider and pronounce their intention? This is why we’d love to share our knowledge with a broader audience through this webinar. If you’d like to practise with your team and need a bit of facilitation, let us know, we’re here to help.

More inspiration? Check our LinkedIn post “5 tips for improving your digital habits

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