Team for the future

​​“How can we bring out the best in everyone, to work better together in an increasingly stressful environment?”

The Emergency Department of the Spaarne Hospital has grown rapidly in recent years. The pressure on healthcare is immense, the pressure on acute care is increased even more by, among other things, a growing aging population and an increasingly empowered patient. On top of that come disruptors such as Covid-19. 

All things considering the team wanted to reconsider future ambitions and plans, adjusting team roles, responsibilities and decision-making accordingly. 

On the Morro recommended a program of two individual days, in which a joint vision of the future gave direction to short-term goals, actions and organization. On the Morro supports the physicians through team- and individual coaching to accelerate the implementation of insights and plans.  

“By taking the time and creating room for each other’s ideas, we became a better team.” 

“We have different views on things, which requires even better listening and understanding.”

“The differences make us a good team”.

“Very different team days than usual: very inspiring and active. I was constantly present and we’ve also made great progress to our plans.”


Klazien van Vliet (leadership coach and trainer), Yvette Pasman (strategic facilitator)

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