Zoom workshop: art based learning

Wednesday 23th November 2022

How does art invite us as a source of knowledge for existential questions, as a reflection? How does art incite you to think in possibilities, to tap into your imagination? In this short ZOOM workshop Art Based Learning, you are invited to use art for reflection and creative development. 

This taster is facilitated by trainer/facilitator and innovation coach Katja Pasman

“As a teacher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I experimented a lot with innovative ways of teaching and learning. In 2011, I followed the Liberal Arts course. There I came into contact with the Art Based Learning method through Dr. Jeroen Lutters. I started experimenting with this method in my education. In 6 years I have taken at least 600 students to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, FOAM and the Rijksmuseum. In recent years I mainly train teachers and young professionals and take them to the museum (or online experience). Being in contact with art for a longer period of time ensures focus so that you tap into a deeper layer through the art and therefore within yourself.

During the taster, the challenge is to use your own imagination, by making a connection with the ‘artwork’. Using your imagination allows you to stimulate your phantasy, which leads to more creativity.”

When and how?

From 16:30-18:00 via ZOOM for 35 euros (ex VAT) per person. After registration, you will receive a confirmation with an invitation and ZOOM link.



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