Power of questions

Monday 11th September 2023

How can a simple question bring you and others new insights? What kind of questions do you ask or not (yet), and does it imply? The type of question you ask affects the perspective you get. By becoming aware of the tactical use of questions, you come to deeper layers and insights, for yourself, in your work and in conversations with others.

A large part of being successful in your job depends on good communication. Think about the conversations you have with colleagues and clients: we have to be curious to see opportunities, we have to be interested to understand needs, and we have to be able to turn it all into action. You also need to become about how you communicate and what effect this has on others.

In this training, you will experience the impact of different questions. You investigate which questions you can use in which situations. You become aware of the influence of your own perspective, and how you can broaden it in conversations with others. And you learn how to inspire others to new insights if you don’t give the answer but ask a powerful question instead.

Learning goals

  • Understand the characteristics and power of different types of questions (why?, how?, what?, what if?, where?, when?, who? etc.)
  • Experience the impact of different types of questions
  • See what perspective you bring to your conversations (and learn about your biases)
  • Practice “exploring” instead of “reacting”

Method and tools

  • Power of Questions
  • Ask open questions
  • Active listening
  • Design Question

For who?

Anyone who wants to create more room in conversations for an open, in-depth conversation with a bigger effect.


  • 1-day training (9:30 am – 4 pm)
  • Workbook
  • 475 euro incl. VAT


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