We’ll select the team best fit for your question or training. 

Yvette Pasman – strategic facilitator & trainer

Yvette challenges people to reconnect with each other and the changing world we live in, to be able to anticipate to change sooner and more meaningful, in various types of pressure-cooking settings and transformation programs. After 6 years of working as a facilitator and program manager in close cooperation with FreedomLab Future Studies and SingularityU Benelux, she founded On the Morro in Amsterdam in 2019. She comes from over 13 years of experience working as a strategic planner in media and advertising.

Klazien van Vliet – leadership trainer & coach

Klazien gained substantial experience in the design and development of strategic capability building, leadership development initiatives and senior team effectiveness. Her aim, both as an experienced trainer and executive coach, is to help leaders continuously maximize their potential to make a true impact both in their personal and their professional lives. In doing so she applies her international corporate HR experience and strong track record in leadership and managing change in an action-oriented, structured and practical way.

Paula Baars – group facilitator

Paula brings a fresh eye to facilitating groups towards a common goal. She is triggered by how much people’s small gestures in groups tell you everything about their attitude towards the change needed. It’s her personal mission to get everyone on board, meeting their personal ambitions and goals. Paula has had extensive education in work- and organization psychology, training and development. 

Arnd Jan Gulmans – strategy consultant, facilitator

Arnd Jan helps organizations make choices in order to bring their goals closer. He makes a customer’s problem ‘solvable’. Not by finding the solution itself, but by interpreting the context and sharpening the question, so that you gain insight into the possible answers. He likes to help people with their questions about how they can relate to the changes of our time and wonder how they can be successful within that context – in business and society. 

Jan Selen and Wouter Boog – visual facilitators

Jan and Wouter show and teach you the power of drawing. For example, they teach you in a few steps (and a lot of practice yourself) to draw quickly and legibly, they give you an approach to quickly structure information and to be able to share it easily. Wouter is founder of Jam Visual Thinking, the designer collective where Jan and Wouter work together. Wouter likes to make things that touch people. Jan is a master at analyzing what we are all trying to get a grip on. Both are always a visual step ahead when it comes to moving forward together.

Rianne Keyzer – dancer, choreographer, trainer

Rianne studied modern dance at the ArtEZ Dance Academy in Arnhem (NL) and the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio in New York. The shows she previously created have been nominated for several awards. She likes to share her love for dance and movement with professionals in the business world to help them to get into motion, literally. 

Debbie van Leeuwen – yoga & meditation teacher

Debbie introduces you to the power of yoga. In her yoga classes and workshops she combines both movement and theory. All yoga helps your nervous system find peace, strengthen your muscles and hydrate your connective tissue. She has been teaching yoga since 2012 and has been trained by several international yoga teachers from different backgrounds, allowing her to adapt the class to different needs and questions. In a few sessions she makes you more aware of your body. Debbie not only teaches yoga at On the Morro, but also at companies such as Hema and PepsiCo, with Delight Yoga as a permanent basis.