Imagine. Route. Go!

On the Morro helps people to imagine (“Imagine”) their future possibilities, to co-create their future direction (“Route”) and unlock new opportunities for a better future (“Go!”). With this 3-step approach, we help organizations, teams, and individuals to confidently embrace change. Not going backwards, but forwards, into the future.

  • Imagine
  • Route
  • Go
3 step roadmap

Imagine & give meaning

Do we live in a change of times or a time of change? Organisations and leaders face dramatic change on a daily basis. Climate change, technological developments, and an economic divide raise questions about ethics, trust, inclusiveness, and growth. It affects the way we live, work, and do business.

We help people and organisations to sketch alternative future scenarios that include trends and developments that may affect the market, the consumer (or patient, citizen) and therefore your business and organisation. To this end, we like to stretch your worldview and give you different perspectives. For this we use a creative angle and involve thinkers and doers who challenge. Moreover, we would like to make you aware of your own role in determining your future direction and that of your organisation. And we are happy to teach you the mindset, tools and methodology that give direction to new ways of looking, thinking and doing.

Strategy & storytelling

We emphatically use the role of stories and storytelling to better understand and shape the future together, to create a new common language. We have a clear methodology, Stories for Change, that helps you to structure your storyline to build an argument for change, unlock new opportunities for your challenge, and create a convincing story to include others in the change.


Dare to experiment

We believe that different perspectives are needed to solve the wicked problems of our time. That is why we work co-creatively, with each other, client, consumer, expert, etc. We draw on many years of relevant experience with different types of clients in different industries. We work with an open and investigative view and constantly make connections with methodologies/tools that are relevant to the challenge that lies ahead of us. We help you to embrace change, dare to experiment, and to learn by doing that together. The foundation of this way of working is based on the Double Diamond model of Design Thinking, a structured creative process for innovation.

Tools as beacons for change

In our work, training and courses, we use different tools to develop a shared worldview, redefine the future, design a radar for the future, co-create scenarios, design routes to the future, generate innovative ideas and create new ones and develop new propositions for people.

Tools are handles to teach yourself a new way of working, to practice a different behaviour, to help you remember that behaviour, and help you to engage your stakeholders. It becomes interesting when you need the tool itself less as a handhold, and start designing your own handles for change. We are happy to help you with that!

And – to start – here are some tools as an example. Do you need direction or someone to spar with to see which tools are useful for your challenge? Don’t hesitate to send an email to, we love questions.

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Check-in: 5x why?

“Change starts with the individual. So the first thing I do each morning is ask myself, ‘why do I strongly believe what I believe?’ Constantly examine your own assumptions” – Nobel prize winner, physicist Arno Penzias

We often use the check-in question “why are you here?” as a starting point for a meeting, day or project. Starting from your core, your ‘why’, makes you aware and more involved towards a common goal. By then sharing your ‘why’ in the group, you connect on a different level. Ultimately, with this tool you can learn to listen to others and discover that it is precisely by not intervening that someone can come to an insight. Only if you are present from your own ‘why’ or essence, you can start talking about creative or generative capacity, people then literally bring instead of get. These abilities help to create space for thinking in order to be able to solve complex problems.

Download the instructions for using the tool, and start practicing yourself. Or sign up for a training or workshop to experience it for yourself. 

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Power of questions

Consciously formulating a question can help you in various ways. Asking better questions is essential for personal and professional growth, and can help you to improve your understanding, decision-making abilities, relationships, creativity, and communication skills. The right question can direct people to develop a vision and strategy, drive action, and chart a path toward desired change.

You will be introduced to the power of questions in all our workshops and programs, or sign up for our training ‘Power of Questions‘. Download the instructions to start playing around with questions. Contact us if you’re interested to find out more.

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Stories for change

Stories are from all times. They help us to give meaning to our lives. They are part of our identity. Stories help us understand, give hope, and give structure and guidance. It’s our mysterious glue, that helps us connect with each other, and build trust. A compelling story has a certain form of logic. Otherwise, you cannot follow it, transfer it, or apply it. 

Use this 8-step methodology and canvas to build an argument for change and a convincing storyline. This canvas is based on the Hero’s Journey and the well known SWOT-methodology. You’ll learn to build your story in a logical order from cause to change. Meanwhile, you’ll discover opportunities to help you catalyze change. 

Download the instructions for using the tool, and start practicing yourself. Would you like to learn more about the use and application of this canvas? Email us at

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