People and organisations are confronted with drastic changes every day. These influence the way we live, work and do business. Our ambition is to help you navigate the complexities of constant change. On the Morro teaches people and organisations to sketch alternative futures, to co-create their route to that future and to exploit new possibilities. We provide the knowledge, skills and methods to lead positive change. Check out our work, or join our programs.

Facilitation training (2 days)

Thursday 6th June 2024
How do you help groups to come to a decision? Or to come up with new ideas for products or services? Jointly develop a vision? To get to know each other better? How do you set up such a session? How do you design a program with a clear goal and inspiring storyline to engage stakeholders? What is your role as a facilitator? Why is creating a level playing field important? What is the art of facilitating in such an (offline or online) session?

Culture strengthens strategy

How do we strengthen our culture and identity to reinforce our strategic repositioning? Atradius Dutch State Business (ADSB) is a specialist in export credit insurance. ADSB is growing and the organization is growing with it. With the growth, a number of strategic choices have been made. That also brings the…

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Appreciative collaboration

“How can we strengthen our collaboration and support each other more effectively?”   The department Data Management & Architecture (DM&A) of ABN AMRO Bank is ultimately responsible for the data management capabilities and architecture of the bank, enabling the bank to become more agile and data-driven. Within DM&A, the Office…

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Scenario’s and stories for change

Equip yourself with the mindset, tools, and methodology to create scenarios that help you open up to new opportunities and make better strategic decisions to plan ahead for the desired change. Using the proven methodology of Scenario Based Reasoning, you’ll develop a well-reasoned vision and convincing story. A story that…

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Power of questions

How can a simple question bring you and others new insights? What kind of questions do you ask or not (yet), and does it imply? The type of question you ask affects the perspective you get. By becoming aware of the tactical use of questions, you come to deeper layers…

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